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May 2016

You did a SWOT Analysis… Now what?

In the previous article we explored the competitive advantage of performing a SWOT on your business and some of the techniques for getting the best data. So now what? How do we use the data to level the playing field with big business and other competitors?

Small businesses need to get into the practise of making […]

Do you know what business you are in?

I recently attended a seminar offered by author, Tim Young (How Much Money Can I Make?) and he mentioned that to be successful in your business, you need to identify the ‘real’ business you are in. At first, that seemed like a pretty obvious statement to me but the more I thought about what he […]

April 2016

We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge

I often hear small business owners say that they want to get more out of their business or feel like they are spinning their wheels and not making any headway. When I hear this, I like to ask why they think this is happening for them.  They typically make some guesses but their answers are […]

January 2016

Who’s on your team?

The people that surround us in our everyday lives can have a substantial impact on how we navigate through our day to day. People can lift us up or pull us down, encourage us or tell us why that would never work. If we surround ourselves with individuals who believe in and support us, we […]

November 2015

5 Tips to Being Seen

Small business owners need to be more visible – 5 easy ways to be seen

Several times this week I have heard myself say to clients “you need to be more visible in the local community” and it occurred to me just how important this is for the small business owner. Potential clients don’t know that […]

July 2015

Things to Consider When Buying or Starting a Business

Many of us are familiar with the story about the person that comes to the sunny Okanagan for the lifestyle and decides to buy a business or start one from scratch. Dreams of running your own business in this paradise is often met with a shocking realization that it is not all that you thought […]

June 2015

Don’t Assume… Assess

I often work with small business owners who are so excited to finally have someone helping them move forward in their business that they just want to hit the ground running. They are  rarely pleased when I suggest that before we can do anything, we have to gather some information, an assessment of sorts.

It is […]

Thinking of selling your business? Are you prepared?

If you own your own business, chances are you have thought about selling it one day. You may dream of retiring or perhaps you want to explore a new venture. Maybe life circumstances have changed and you need to sell for personal reasons. Regardless of the reason for wanting to sell, the challenge for many, […]

February 2015

Why Small Business Owners need a business plan.

It is generally well known that having a business plan is recommended for business success but what about small business owners and solopreneurs? Do they really need a business plan?

A business is like a building, a strong foundation determines whether or not the building will stay standing and for how long. Small business owners and […]

Target your marketing efforts.

A common challenge I hear from clients is that they do not have enough business and that they need to advertise more. A strong marketing strategy will definitely improve business but with so many avenues available, businesses are often uncertain where to put their limited marketing dollars?

Businesses often advertise in a random fashion by tossing […]